I knew Dr. Tal and his staff were going to be the ones to make my dream come true. He will tell you exactly the TRUTH. " I am SO pleased with my results! The staff is amazing. Him and his staff are very friendly and professional. Love this Doctor! He provides you all the information you could possibly ever need and weighs both the pros and cons. My experience with Dr. Tal Roudner and his staff was nothing short of Amazing. I was already Dr. Tal Roudner's patient, I changed my implants a month ago from saline to silicone with him and I couldn't be any happier! I love this office and the service that Dr. Tal Roudner gives. There was some occasional stinging, but other than that it wasn’t too bad! After interacting with everyone and Dr. Tal I didn't hesitate and we set the date right then and there. His desire is for his patients to look rested and more youthful without compromising a natural aesthetic result. I finally decided to bite the bullet and get a consult. If I can go back in time and do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing. Highly recommend him. The surgery went smoothly, recovery was fast and easy. Michelle, Alex, Sorenia, Carmen...the entire office is filled with smart, sweet, amazing people that will make you feel comfortable and at home. He didn’t promise me magic, but I feel like I got some. He was very professional and his staff was very friendly which helped me throughout the entire process, I definitely recommend him if you're looking to get a breast lift and implants which is what I needed, and I'm very happy with the results. I highly recommend him. Also, I am extremely happy with the results. He did a remarkable job and In fact the results were beyond what I thought would be possible. I had my breast augmentation/donut mastopexy done by Dr. Tal about two months ago. I went in to see Dr. Tal Roundner because I was unhappy with the nasal labial folds around my mouth. The surgery was scheduled quickly, the procedure went very smoothly in a relatively short time (about 2 hours), and I was home and comfortable in my bed before noon. He NAILED it. He is kind and honest . My experience was awesome. I impressed upon him that I wanted to go very small and natural and that is exactly what I got. Had my implants removed, simply because it was not what I wanted anymore at this time in my life. I’ve gotten endless compliments on the results!! Dr. Tal and his staff made booking my surgery as well as going into surgery a breeze, his girls, Michelle and Melissa, were so nice and easy to talk to. Tal T. Roudner, MD, FACS 5,431 views He took his time to explain the procedure and possible complications. He is a very honest doctor and that's what I mostly love about him . He answered all my questions and gave me his honest opinion. Reviews you can trust, from real people like you. I've been wanting to have a breast reduction for a while now. I'm currently 6 weeks post op and loving my results. I am really happy with the results of the surgery. I decided to do a breast augmentation. March 17, 2014 was a very big day for me; I had my Mommy Make Over! I am so happy with my results! I went from a 34DDD to a 34D! Thank you! I never have walked out of his office looking like a different person, only a better version of myself! Thank you! I can’t say enough about my whole experience. I HIGHLY recommend them. Queria agradecer en particular a Tania y al Doctor Por la calidad y el profesionalismo de su trabajo . Definitely recommend. After having a baby my areola was larger and my breast lacked volume. Once home, he gave me a call to make sure I was okay and to check up on me. Dr Tal checked thoroughly how I was healing, and again answered all my questions. They're really caring and attentive! Now, a year later, my baby's cheek has completely healed and looks like nothing ever happened to it. Dr.Tal was extremely kind and informative, from the start to finish. I never felt as if something was amiss. All I have to work on massaging the inside scar tissue which is going down nicely. Very happy with my results and for choosing Dr. Tal! The staff was amazing and they made me feel comfortable from the beginning of my appointments. My breast augmentation turned out perfect! The attention is incredible, the operation was fast, my recovery has been great and the best thing is that I feel very happy with my results. The day of my procedure, he and his staff kept me comfortable and at ease. When I walked in the office for the first time I was met with smiling faces and positivity. My breast look better now than they did with implants. I went from a 32A that I could barely fill (seriously I had nothing) to a small C (32C), and my scars have been healing sooooo well! I feel more confident and comfortable and I couldn’t have had a better experience through this journey. I heard something negative about the doctor and cancelled the consult. I have contemplated getting a breast reduction probably since I was about 16, I am now 26 and finally made the decision to finally go threw with it. I am truly happy about my results especially because I was not sure about getting my surgery or not. I’m two weeks post-op now and everything has been going smoothly so far. PS: i went to see both Roudners, Dr. Lenny and Dr. Tal, and i chose Dr. Tal without any hesitation. He’s truely both a great surgeon and sweet person who makes you feel comfortable before, during and after surgery. The next day Dr. Tal personally called to check up on me. People hardly ever know I had an augmentation and I was completely flat chested before hand! this winter i am having a face lift and dr roudner will, of course, be doing it. I would strongly recommend Dr. Tal for any procedure or plastic surgery. Other doctors I visited didn’t take half the time he took with me on my consult. Dr. Tal was extremely patient and helpful with me through out the entire process. You are in excellent hands with Dr. Tal! I have been suffering from Gynecomastia since I was about 13 years old. He is a very compassionate doctor and his staff Valeria and Sorenia are awesome! Dr. Tal strives to keep his patients at ease prior to surgery and is a true master in his specialty. From the very first appointment I had with Dr. Roudner, I could tell it was going to be a great experience. You guys are truly the best! Highly recommend!!!! His staff is also amazing!!!!! His staff also was Amazing and helpful when I had questions or concerns. My goal was to be a size C. Going so much smaller can be risky and he said he would do his best. They are bar-none top notch professionals and I highly recommend them! Previously city included Philadelphia PA. Tal T Roudner, Tal Teddy Roudner, Tal Roundner and Tal T Roudner are some of the alias or nicknames that Tal has used. Dr. Tal personally sat with me and explained all my choices and options. He was able to listen to my concerns, as well as perfectly execute my vision for what I wanted. My ultimate fear was that the shape of my eyes were going to change, but Dr. Tal assured me that that was not going to happen and it didn't. I've actually recommended him to family members and one of them will be getting a procedure done with him in about two weeks! that.great. I would recommend him a million times! I knew Dr. Leonard's practice as he had done my breasts several years prior, but now I visited Dr. Tal Roudner (his nephew) for injectibles (Botox, Juvederm). Doctor Roudner has been what best exemplifies a physician from the first time my husband and I met him. No pain at all and he even called the next day to see how everything was going. when I walked into his office, I felt really welcomed and comfortable. He truly is caring and will go above and beyond to make his patients feel comfortable and happy with their results. He looks at the details of your lips and guides you through the process.